Florida High Speed Internet is a locally owned and operated Wireless Internet Service Provider in Brevard, Orange, Volusia, Seminole, Osceola, Polk and Hardee Counties, Florida
Contact us toll free at 855-FL-SPEED or 877-804-3001 for your DSL, Broadband, Dial up, Internet & cable broadband needs.
Florida High Speed Internet
Our Reliable High-Performance Network

The Florida High Speed Internet network has been designed and engineered for reliability & performance. Do not confuse our wireless technology with basic low cost WIFI equipment suitible for just indoor networks, hotspots, and residential applications. Our equipment uses polling mechanisms to guarantee service levels, solve many common wireless problems and prevent collisions of data packets when the network is used heavily by a large number of subscribers. Our radios are both dual polarity and dual frequency to provide the highest reliability and performance possible. Maximum and committed information rates are set per subscriber based on service level subscription up to an incredible 100Mb/s.

We realize that a networks availability is increased with constant monitoring, which is why our network is monitored 24x7 / 365 days a year. Our certified in-house and on-site engineers are available to assist with problem resolution regardless of which end of the link a problem may exist. Because we solely own and operate our own network end to end, engineers can be immediately dispatched straight to the source of any problem without delay. As a result, most problems that arise can be corrected before they are even noticed by subscribers. More serious issues can often be resolved in minutes compared to hours or even days that are typical with wire-based cable and telephone company services.